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This Month's Program


10:00 am Batavia Public Library

Here are the details:



We hope you enjoyed a happy holiday season with family and friends, and we send best wishes for a great year ahead.


Our first 2023 gathering of Memory Cafe Fox Valley will be next Wednesday, January 25, at 10:00 am at the Batavia Public Library, 10 South Batavia Avenue.  For this month we have planned a relaxed session to help us get to know each other better through conversation, games, puzzles and more.  Coffee and refreshments will be available, as always.  We think you might appreciate a little slower-paced meeting between our Holiday Party last month and next month’s celebration of Memory Cafe Fox Valley’s 7th birthday!

If you have ideas about additions to the schedule, please let us know so we can include them; a few dates will probably still be open. 

As always, please help up in our planning process by letting us know by next Monday whether or not you will be with us at the January 25 meeting. You can respond by email to Barbara at this address, or phone her at 630-879-2263.

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